The leading full service internet marketing, web analytics, pay per click campaign management and search engine optimization service in the industry.


Various members of our team were previously employed with several large internet companies as Search Engine Optimizers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Media Buyers, Creative Directors and other design and marketing related positions over the past 6 years.

As Director of Marketing for several large internet companies, the founder of SEO Fusion quickly realized that many small, medium and even some large sized companies did not have or want in-house the resources required to successfully manage their own internet marketing campaigns. So, SEO Fusion was born to alleviate the suffering of websites everywhere! By leveraging vendor relationships and personal relationships from previous positions held in large internet companies, SEO Fusion has formed a highly qualified team of specialists in the field of internet marketing, consulting and web analytics implementation and analysis.

Currently, SEO Fusion (on behalf of our clients in more than 40 different markets) manages thousands of Pay Per Click -based campaign bids, maintains over 100 separate Web Analytics accounts and generates literally millions of Unique Visitors per month to our combined clientele. Our clients growth is our success.

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