I have a website but it does not get much traffic. What can SEO Fusion do for me?

Simply put, the SEO Fusion team can help you to increase the number of visitors to your site and improve the quality of your traffic so you get more good leads and/or sales for the least amount of money.We help make your website investment more profitable.

What are Web Analytics (Stats) and why should I have them installed on my website?

“Web Stats” or Web Analytics is the software tool we use to monitor how your campaigns are performing. WebTrends Analytics shows our team vital information about where your visitors are coming from so we can improve your traffic by optimizing the Search Engines that could be sending you more traffic . Web Analytics also give you important information about your visitor’s behavior once they are on your site, so we can re-organize pages that don’t get enough visitors as well as smooth out the navigation of your site, improving the user experience that keeps them coming back in the future.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising today is the most powerful and cost effective way to advertise on the internet. Pay Per Click advertising is posting paid listings on search engines where you pay ONLY if someone clicks on one of your listings. With the ability to set daily spending budgets and to set your cost per click for each term you bid on, PPC advertising is a very powerful tool that gets immediate results. Seo Fusion automatically manages your bids so that your listing stays above your competiton for the lowest bid possible.

Why can’t I run my own Pay Per Click campaigns?

You certainly can run your own campaigns, but at what additional cost? Managing an effective internet marketing campaign can take a lot of time every day to manage your bids while staying above the competition. Without the power of our unique technology and expertise to keep your advertising on track and on budget, your campaigns can quickly “fall off the map” and could even hurt your site more than they help by draining your time and money with little or no results. Let our automated systems keep your bids in the top spots for the lowest bid possible.

What are Multi-Domain Marketing Campaigns?

By SEO fusion targeting your specific Search Engine Phrases, we can register multiple domain names that promote each of your target key phrases.We then build pages for each of the domains that will help bring new visitors to your website by targeting one phrase per domain. This is done with many proven techniques that will help boost the link popularity of your site over time.

Where Can SEO Fusion get my site listed?

With the combination of search engine optimization and Pay Per Click implementation/ management we can get your site exposed to over 85% of all internet users for the keywords you want. Some of the engines we have had great success with are as follows: Google, Yahoo! (Overture), MSN, (Miva) Findwhat, Kanoodle, Alta-Vista, Lycos and many, many other smaller affiliate directories and search engines.

What do your services cost?

We offer customized solutions and packages to meet your specific marketing needs. Please call us at 1-561-620-0390 to speak with a specialist about customizing our services technology to work within your budget.

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